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Frequently Asked Questions

September Return To School


We are so excited about returning to school and getting back to teaching and learning together; we have so much planned to ensure our wonderful school gets better and better and builds on the successes from last year. We are thrilled you are with us on this journey and as always, we appreciate and value your support.


Return to school
All children from Year 1 to Year 6 return to school on Monday 4th September (Friday 1st September is our INSET Day). All children enter via the front gate and either go left into the KS1 playground (Year 2/3) or right into the KS2 playground (Year 1 and 4 library door, Year 5 and 6 covered walkway door). The pick up arrangements remain the same and children can be collected from where they are dropped off. Please be patient with new teachers as they learn new faces when dropping off. Children must be dropped off by 8:45am and need to be collected at 3:15pm. If you are late, you will need to enter the school via the main school office.  

Pre-School/Reception children
Pre-School/Reception children have a staggered start to ensure they have a smooth transition to BIG SCHOOL! The EYFS team will have communicated information regarding this staggered start to you directly. Please find a summary of this below:

On Friday 1st September, there is a new to Pre-School welcome event at 6pm. Please join us for this event if you can!

Monday 4th September:

Preschool – home visits 9-12pm. Preschool is closed to existing pupils.

Reception – stay and plays (Group A - 8:45-10:15, Group B - 10:30-12pm)

Tuesday 5th September:

Preschool – stay and play for new starters 9-11am (parents welcome). Preschool is closed to existing pupils.  

Reception – stay and plays (Group B - 8:45-10:15, Group A - 10:30-12pm)

Wednesday 6th September:

Preschool – term starts for existing pupils only

Reception – all children attend until 12pm

Thursday 7th September:

Reception – all children attend until 12pm

Friday 8th September:

Reception – all children attend until 1pm (including lunchtime - please order lunch or provide packed lunch)

Monday 11th September:

Preschool – all pupils attend preschool sessions as normal

Reception – all pupils attend full days in line with the rest of the school

When the children are invited in, you will need to head round to the left of the main school entrance to find the pre-school and reception drop off point (at each classroom door). If you need any further information, please contact the school via email: 

Meet The Teacher Evenings
All parents will be invited to Meet the Teacher Evenings in September. This will give you an opportunity to meet your child's new teacher and to find out a bit more about the Wooburn Green way. A letter will be sent out when we return to school confirming arrangements regarding this.

For further information on Breakfast Club please visit the tab in the Parents section of the website. The Teacher Run Clubs are being planned by teachers currently- they will be available on Arbor in September.  You will receive a letter when the clubs have been finalised. We are hoping to run some Inspire Sports clubs after school too and host some holiday clubs at the school site. Further information will be shared nearer the time and please note that some clubs may be at a small cost this academic year.

Innovate Lunches
Our school meal provider is Innovate. Please follow this link where you can create an account:

You can add children to an account if you already have one. Meals are free for all children in years R, 1 and 2. If you would like you child to have the meals, orders must be in by the Saturday midnight for the following week. You are also welcome to send in a healthy packed lunch if you prefer.


Pencil Cases

All children from Year 3- 6 are allowed to bring in a pencil case, though this is not mandatory. Recommended items for your child's pencil case are: pencils, a black pen, colouring pencils, a rubber, a sharpener and a small ruler. 


School Uniform

All children must wear appropriate school uniform including the following accompanied with charcoal/dark grey skirts/trousers, shorts or summer dresses: 

Children must also wear school PE kit including black shorts/skirts and trainers. For more information on jewellery, etc. please visit the uniform tab under our parents section on the website.

If you require help with school uniform, please speak to the school. We have an abundance of second hand uniform at reduced prices. Alternatively, our school online shop can be found in the parents tab, uniform section of the website. 

PE Days
Children are in full school uniform on normal days and PE kits on their PE days. Please ensure children are wearing Wooburn Green PE kit only. The children in Y1-Y6 will receive 1 hour of PE from a PE coach and 1 hour of PE from their class teacher. EYFS will receive 1 hour from a PE coach and then further PE through their continuous provision. This changes when pupils have Forest School or Swimming.

PE days for September 2023 are as follows: 

Monday - Year 1

Tuesday - Year 3

Thursday - Pre-School, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. 

Friday - Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6. 

Thursday/Friday sessions will stay consistent throughout the academic year. Other sessions will change termly as classes move to have Forest School or swimming. 


Forest School

This year, forest school is taking place on a Wednesday only. Each year group will experience forest school for a term whilst at Wooburn Green. 

The following year groups have forest school in the...

Autumn Term: Year 2 and Year 5. 

Spring Term: Year 3 and Year 4.

Summer Term: Year 1, Reception and Year 6 (final treat after SATs)

A contribution letter will be sent out in September - this is to fund our specially trained Forest School Teacher and the resources that allow our children to have such a fantastic time. Please ensure that you contribute where possible.

Just like PE, please come in in forest school gear on Wednesday if it is your turn. Children are required to wear long sleeves and long bottoms all year round. Children need suitable footwear such as boots and children will need waterproofs on wet days. We go to Forest School whatever the weather.


Swimming Y4-6

Year 4 and Year 6 have swimming in the Autumn Term on a Monday. The children will need their swimming kit every Monday from Monday 11th September 2023. This will take place in the morning instead of the afternoon this academic year. 

In the Spring Term, Year 5 will go swimming on a Monday morning, taking over from Y4/6.

A contribution to swimming letter was sent out before the summer break. Please ensure you pay your contribution for swimming as this is a large cost to the school.  

Secondary Transfer Test
The Year 6s will sit their Secondary Transfer Tests (11+ tests) on the second full week back.
- Tuesday 12th September- Practice Tests
- Thursday 14th September- Main Tests
Year 6 children will sit these tests in their classroom in a calm environment. Children are automatically entered into these tests; however, parents can email us if they would like their child to not sit these tests.

Reception to Year 1- transition

The new Year 1 class will have a period of time transitioning from Continuous Provision to formal learning in the Autumn Term. Parents can help with this over the Summer break by reading with them every day and giving them practice at sitting at a desk and writing or drawing. They could start a holiday diary or practise writing/mark making. They can also practise their fine motor skills by cutting, sticking, weaving, cooking, drawing, playing with lego, making things and writing. However, please don't worry if they spend more time resting and spending time with friends and family!


Term Dates
See our website for the Term Dates for the new Academic Year. We'd recommend noting the INSET Days especially. Please note on the last day of each term, we finish at 2pm. Further diary dates will be available on our website when we return to school. 


If there's something we have forgotten or you have an urgent issue, you can email the office on or call us on 01628 521634

Please also check out our new prospectus for 2023, found under the our school tab. 


Frequently Asked Questions 

Please email Mr Kaye using if you have any questions we can answer here- thank you!


Do children bring in PE kit?

No- children wear PE kit to and from school. It maximises PE time and saves on having to have everything ready. 


What days will my child have PE? 

Please see above for the days detailed.


Do Reception - Year 2 children need a pencil case?

No- we'll supply everything for them. Years 3- 6 are allowed pencil cases but it's not mandatory- we can supply stationery.


Do children need book bags?

Yes please, but they do not need to be the Wooburn Green branded bags.


When will I meet the teachers?

In September we will host a meet the teacher event - you will receive communication regarding this in September.


What homework will my child have? 

Each child in Y1-Y6 will receive weekly homework consisting of...

- Daily reading for at least 10 minutes a day. Please record this in the reading record as these are checked daily. 

- Weekly maths fluency work. 

- Weekly spellings. 

Further detail will be provided at the meet the teacher events in September. 


What do I do if my child is anxious about the new year? 

This is perfectly natural as the transition from the long break back to school can be overwhelming. We recommend modelling excitement for the new term, a strong focus on all the positives and have long chats on everything they are thinking about. Click here for tips on how to manage this transition: