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An Academy of the Great Learners Trust

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Wooburn Green Governors

The Governing Board is responsible for the success of

Wooburn Green Primary School


The role of the Governing Board is to work in partnership with the Headteacher and the Great Learners Trust to agree the long-term objectives and priorities for the school. The Governing Board supports and challenges the leaders of the school to ensure the school achieves its objectives. Our overall aim is to provide the highest standard of education for all pupils.


Who is on the Governing Board?

The Governing Board is composed of:

  • Parent Governors
  • Staff Governors
  • Community and Co-opted Governors
  • Headteacher


What are the Governing Board responsible for?

  • Teaching and Learning: To ensure that the National Curriculum and religious education are taught throughout the school.
  • Finance: Responsible for setting the school’s budget each year and for monitoring it on a regular basis.
  • Personnel: To oversee the recruitment and deployment of staff.
  • Premises: To ensure the safety and security of children and staff at the school. To monitor the condition of the school premises.


The Governing Board consists of:


Chair of Governors: Sheila Pikulski

Governing Board Members: David Bushnell, Sinead Naidoo, Matt Foster, Laurence Postgate, Jo Moore,Fiona Reid

An academy of The Great Learners Trust


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Wooburn Green Primary School is where GREAT LEARNING happens every day. FANTASTIC achievement at Wooburn Green in 2019! We welcome visits to come and see our innovative work with GROWTH MINDSET and CHALLENGE FOR ALL. These children are awesome! Come and see for yourself!