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The Governing Board is responsible for the success of

Wooburn Green Primary School


The role of the Governing Board is to work in partnership with the Headteacher and the Great Learners Trust to agree the long-term objectives and priorities for the school. This is a strategic role. The Governing Board supports and challenges the leaders of the school to ensure the school achieves its objectives. Our overall aim is to provide the highest standard of education for all pupils.


Who is on the Governing Board?

The Governing Board is composed of:

  • Parent Governors
  • Staff Governors
  • Community and Co-opted Governors
  • Headteacher


The Governing Board consists of:


Chair of Governors: Sheila Pikulski

I am delighted to be a part of the Governing Board at Wooburn Green Primary School.  I am a retired Headteacher who enjoyed a long and happy career both as a class teacher and as a senior leader.  I loved my role as a Special and Additional Needs leader and wholeheartedly believe that ‘inclusion’ is at the heart of our journey towards providing an excellent educational experience.

My passion is for all children to receive a high quality education through which they are provided with a life-long love of learning, the life skills they need to become independent contributors to society and to have high aspirations for their future.


I believe Wooburn Green Primary School is the school where children will achieve all of this! I was previously associated with the school and have returned to enthusiastically support the work of the Headteacher, Mrs. Moore, other senior leaders of the school and the wider Great Learners Trust.


Community Governor-Laurence Postgate

Having lived in Wooburn Green and next to the school for 10 years, I felt it was important to be able to support a local school at a strategic level and joined the school in 2019. I work as a freelance project manager in the IT and energy sector and previously studied Zoology at Kings College London.


Community Governor-Dave Price

I live in the local area and have been the senior pastor of The Community Church in Wooburn Green since 2017. I am married with three amazing children and as an active member of the community, I want to support Wooburn Green Primary School as a governor.


Headteacher- Jo Moore

Mrs Moore became the Headteacher of the school in September 2016. She has 13 years of experience in Education and has taught in schools in Hertfordshire, Inner London and Buckinghamshire- across both KS1 and KS2. Mrs Moore was a Deputy Headteacher for four years before becoming Headteacher at Wooburn Green Primary School. She is very passionate about ensuring all children receive a high quality education and are provided with a wide range of learning experiences and opportunities.


Staff Governor-Fiona Reid

I have been at Wooburn Green Primary as an LSA since 2008 and have worked in Pre-School, Reception, Y2, Y4, Y5 and Y6. Before working in education, I was a recruitment Consultant for a large high street bank and had worked both at the coal face in branches and in various regional office as a member of the Human Resources team.


I am passionate about helping to keep the library functioning effectively as I am an avid reader myself. Other hobbies include cycling, SUP boarding and most things water related (except fishing).


Community Governor- David Bushnell

I have lived locally for ten years and am currently the Deputy Headteacher at an Independent school in Buckinghamshire. I have been a governor for several years and am also on the Great Learners Trust board of Trustees. I enjoy sport and spending time with my family in Wooburn Green.


Parent Governor-Melanie Carter

Community Governor- Sian Williams

Community Governor-Bhopinder Sanghera



What are the Governing Board responsible for?

To set the vision, ethos and objectives of the school

To work with the Headteacher to set the targets and plans for achieving the above

To monitor the progress the school is making

To support and challenge the school's leaders to ensure objectives are being met 


The governing board carry out their responsibilities through the following committees 

  • Teaching and Learning: To ensure that the National Curriculum is taught throughout the school.
  • Finance: Responsible for setting the school’s budget each year and for monitoring it on a regular basis.
  • Personnel: To agree the strategic staffing structure and deployment of staff set by the Headteacher each year
  • Premises: To ensure the safety and security of children and staff at the school. To monitor the condition of the school premises.


The following list shows the areas specific governors are responsible for:




Term of Office

Sheila Pikulski

SEND and Vulnerable Pupils

Teaching and Learning


Melanie Carter

TBC 2024

Laurence Postgate

Health and Safety


Dave Price



David Bushnell





Fiona Reid

Equality and Diversity


Mel Carter   2024
Sian Williams Teaching and Learning 2025
Bhopinder Sanghera   2025


Conflicts of Interest and Attendance at Meetings

Since September 2015 there is a requirement for certain information about the Governing Board to be published on websites.