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Wooburn Green Primary School

An Academy of the Great Learners Trust



School policies cover every aspect of school life.  Below are some of our most important policies for your reference.  If you would like a copy of a policy which is not listed, then please ask the school office.


Trust Wide Statutory Policies

Wooburn Green Primary School is an academy of the Great Learners Trust.

A number of policies apply to all schools within the Great Learners Trust. Trust wide policies are listed below and can be found on the Great Learners Trust Website under the Policies section.


  • Charging and Remissions
  • Data protection and GDPR policies

  • School Complaints and Resolutions Procedures

  • Capability of Staff

  • Newly Qualified Teacher

  • Staff conduct and discipline

  • Grievance

  • Statement of procedures for dealing with allegations of abuse against staff

  • Pay policy

  • Accessibility Statement

  • Education for children with health needs who cannot attend school

  • Exclusions Policy

  • Premises Management

  • Equality Statement

  • Allowances for Members, Trustees and Governors

  • Supporting pupils with Medical Needs


School Specific Statutory Policies

Some policies documents are school specific and can be found below or within the relevant section of the school website.